Why Choose Us?

Fully automated machines to ensure quality products

Fully equipped quality lab with trained and experienced staff.

Innovative combinations and best in class ingredients to outstand your products in the market.

500+ quality ingredients sourced ethically.

Complaint with GMP & ISO and HALAL to meet quality standards.

r&D Department

Sonama Naturals R&D behold an exceptional research team, extensively experienced and meticulously trained. With a profound understanding of cutting-edge formulations and industry trends, our experts consistently push the boundaries of innovation. Their unwavering dedication to excellence ensures the development of revolutionary products that cater to diverse beauty needs, setting new benchmarks in the world of cosmetics.


Our cosmetic industry takes pride in its highly skilled and proficient production department team. With years of experience and comprehensive training, they are adept at efficiently transforming innovative ideas into high-quality, market-ready products. Their attention to detail and commitment to precision guarantee the consistency and excellence of our cosmetic line, ensuring that each product meets the highest industry standards. Their expertise is the backbone of our success in delivering exceptional cosmetics to our valued customers.


Our top-end cosmetic manufacturing company's filling area epitomizes our unwavering commitment to the highest quality standards. Meticulously designed and operated, it ensures precision and efficiency. Staffed with skilled professionals and equipped with cutting-edge technology, we rigorously inspect every product, adhering to strict protocols. This dedication to excellence upholds our reputation as a top-tier cosmetic manufacturer, delivering unparalleled quality to our valued customers.

Packaging area

At our top-end cosmetic manufacturing company, our packaging area is a testament to our commitment to uncompromising quality. Meticulous professionals handle each product with precision, using premium materials and elegant designs. Stringent quality control measures ensure perfection, reflecting our dedication to excellence. Our packaging exudes sophistication, delivering a superior cosmetic experience to our esteemed customers.

Our Process

Understanding Requirement

Get in touch with our team, and tell us about your idea, requirements, target audience, inspiration and brand narrative – we do the rest for you!

Understanding the requirement
R& d product and packaging

R&D Product & Packaging

Our esteemed Research and Development (R&D) department takes pride in delivering premium, robust formulations to cater to your discerning needs. Our relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that our products maintain unwavering stability while consistently meeting the highest quality standards. Furthermore, our adept R&D team is committed to spearheading innovative developments that align with your evolving requirements, thus propelling your business towards unrivaled success.

Costs & Approvals

Upon reaching the finalization stage for products, ingredients, and packaging, our team collaborates closely with you, hand in hand, to secure the most favorable and competitive rates. We strive to ensure that you receive the utmost value for your investment, without compromising on the quality and excellence of your offerings. Together, we work diligently to achieve a successful and mutually beneficial partnership, making your satisfaction our top priority.

Cost and approvals
Designing and branding

Designing & Branding

Our team extends their support in crafting captivating branding and visually appealing product designs, elevating the outlook of your offerings to enthrall your target audience. Let us collaborate to create a striking and memorable impression that sets your products apart in the market.


We carry out the production of your goods in fully automated, hygienic unit and follow all compliances laid down by GMP, ISO and Halal.

QA_QC & Final Inspection

QA/QC & Final Inspection

We meticulously oversee the Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control (QC), and inspection processes for both raw materials and production batches, ensuring an uncompromising standard of excellence. Our commitment to precision and thoroughness guarantees the delivery of impeccable, top-tier products to our esteemed clients.


Upon completion, we promptly dispatch the products to your doorstep, offering a seamless and hassle-free delivery experience. Rest assured, our commitment to punctuality ensures that you receive your order on time, without any delays or inconvenience.



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